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Allergens can be household objects, animal dander, twig of ivy, dill, aspirin, etc. Some may cause an attack of hay fever or hay fever, other - urticaria, and others - to provoke a runny nose.

The leading role in the preservation of health, in the creation of favorable conditions of work and life belongs to social factors. Annual leave, free medical care and other recreational activities - all achievements of the country of victorious socialism. The struggle to preserve health and prolong the life of man is the whole people of the Soviet case, its success in some cases depend on us. In his youth, seems to have enough health for a lifetime.

But the years pass, and with a light-hearted attitude towards your body, there are signs that cause concern: before fatigue sets in, it becomes worse than a dream, "play tricks" the heart, often "tied" and hvoroby ailments.

That was then, and begin to think and worry about health, but health ... already "shaky."

The earlier a person starts to the right lifestyle, exercise and use the beneficial effect of natural forces, the longer it will retain its health and performance.